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CD Roller.v7
11:02 PM

CDRoller is a powerful, easy-to-use and low-cost toolset for CD/DVD data recovery. CDRoller supports industry-standard ISO 9660 file system, including Microsoft's extensions for long file names support, so-called Joliet extensions. CDRoller also supports the discs formatted in UDF file system, including versions 1.02, 1.50, 2.0, 2.01 and also so-called UDF Bridge format. Support of wide set of CD, CD-R, CD-RW and DVD formats such as: CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-WO, CD-ROM XA and Mixed-Mode CD, Stamped multisession CD, CD-MRW ("Mt. Rainier" CD-RW), DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM.


Effectively retrieves the data off the discs created by "drag and drop" CD/DVD writing software, such as well-known Roxio (Adaptec) and Ahead Nero software packages, CeQuadrat's PacketCD, Instant Write, B's CLiP and others.

Recovers CD and DVD data created by standalone devices that record directly onto disks, including: Sony digital cameras, DVD camcorders, personal DVD recorders, etc.

"On-the-fly" unpacks the files initially compressed by Roxio (Adaptec) DirectCD.

Retrieves back up files from the discs recorded in several stages (multisession discs).

Includes a built-in UDF Reader. There is no need to install a third-party software, for example Roxio (Adaptec) UDF Reader driver.

Finds and retrieves the lost files on UDF discs, including: accidently deleted files, files on quick-formatted disc, files on incorrectly closed disc, etc.

Rescues the data from scratched, damaged or defective discs.

Provides direct access to the hardware, bypassing the Windows File System. Looks for the lost tracks (sessions) every time when you insert a new disc into the drive

Digitally extracts audio tracks into a wide set of wave formats.

Tests CD readability.

Extracts ISO Image file.

Catalogs files and folders into CD library.

All features are integrated into a common and easy-to-use intuitive shell. User Interface is similar to well-known Windows 95 File Manager (Windows Explorer), with file property pages, pop-up (context) menus and drag-and-drop support.
Support of wide set of CD, CD-R, CD-RW and DVD formats such as:
CD/DVD format CD-DA,
CD/DVD format CD-ROM,
CD/DVD format CD-WO,
CD/DVD format CD-ROM XA and Mixed-Mode CD,
CD/DVD format Stamped multisession CD,
CD/DVD format CD-MRW ("Mt. Rainier" CD-RW),
Version 7.61 :
Current version of CDRoller 7.61.70 Sep 2008

Scan UDF Disc updated. Now, you can use TOC's data to speed up the scan process on write-once discs (CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD+R DL).

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