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From the private archives of Techno/Ambient producer
Oliver Morgenroth comes Nu Tec Grooves.

Club oriented up-to-date groove layouts and single drum sounds:
drum + percussion grooves, bass lines, sub bass runs, lead-,
fx-, atmo-, reversed-, distorted-, lines and more than 300
selected drum and percussion single sounds (wav-cd) from
the producerґs private archive. all loops in typical 138 bpm
so you can easily mix all files with each other!
pass: in2u

Rating: 5.0/1

The heart of East Coast Hip Hop resides in one place: New York City. Straight Outta NYC is full of the life, the beats, the grooves, the melodies, and everything that is East Coast Hip Hop.

Check out the beats, horns, guitars, synths, basses, clavs, fx, vocals and more. Also included in each construction kit are all the drum hits broken out and a folder of drum tracks giving you the individual parts of the drums broken out for easy mixing, remixing or mixing and matching. All material comes in WAV, REX, Apple Loops and RMX format. Take the snare loop from one kit and match it with the kick from another or try any number of other combinations! It's time to check out the Hip Hop flavors of NYC!

Download Info:



Download fast

Rating: 4.7/3

The Big Fish Audio RADIO WAVES Radio Ready Sample CD - 3.64GB Of Content.

Big Fish Audio RADIO WAVES, a fine collection of radio-ready hip-hop construction kits. Ignite the airwaves with this unique collection of radio-ready construction kits, comprised of dozens of red hot vocal and instrumental hooks laid over beds of slammin' beats. Under the direction of producer Josquin des Pres, this collaborative effort involves various members of the Track Star Music Solutions writing team. Each construction kit is a hit in itself! Whether you're a DJ, producer, songwriter or artist, you can use them as is, or simply add your melody, lyric or rhyme and build your own hit music track. 50 Construction Kits are included with tempos ranging from 72 to 136 BPM in various keys. Each kit contains a main mix plus every element broken out plus folders of "Drum Tracks"."Drum Track" give you access to the individual parts of the drum mix. Now you have full access to remix, recreate, or mix and match between different parts of the drums. Take the snare loop from one kit and match it with the drums and hi-hat from another kit.

Download Info:

password = morz@pluginaudio

Rating: 4.0/3

Rating: 5.0/1

After "Vengeance Effects Vol.1" Mutekki Media introduces "Vengeance Ultimate Bass", the next exciting sample collection for the ambitious producer. Entirely committed to bass, this CD contains all powerful bass waveforms known from the present production standard. This sampling CD covers all common genres like techno, trance, dance, club and hard style at the highest stage. Overall it can be selected from over 750 bass sounds. The spectrum holds all imaginable bass types such as sub- and offbeat, groan, analogue, pulse & distorted , which without exceptions can be played in all tone pitches because of their length of more than one second. This enables boundless freedom for the production of the user's track. Vengeance basses provide exactly the compression a track needs to ignite on the dancefloor.


Part 1Part 2

Rating: 5.0/1

The first Loopalicious RnB volume was only the beginning as this follow-up takes it to the next level. Once again, Anthony Myers has laid down another must-have collection of current RnB hits. These construction kits would feel right at home in an Usher, Donell Jones, or Avant video. If you need the popular sounds of real RnB ballads and hot RnB club mixes, Loopalicious RnB Volume 2 will get it done. With over 1.5 GB (681 MB WAV files) of guitar, piano, synth, organ, rhodes, strings, bass, drums, percussion, and more, these kits are simply begging to be arranged and laid under some vocals. Don't sleep on this smokin' sequel... get the right vibe, right here, with Loopalicious RnB Volume 2.


Part 1.rar Part 5.rar


Part 3.rar

Rating: 5.0/1

Ueberschall Balkan Lines combines a touch of pure Balkan traditions (Gypsy, Turkish, Serbian, Greek, Romanian, Slavic and other Southeastern European influence) with contemporary and progressive rhythms from Dance, Club, RnB and Marching Band.

Ueberschall Balkan Lines contains thousands of grooves and phrases, with some of the most complex acoustic / synthetic rhythmic blending to date. The stylings include a diverse assortment from Reggaeton to House / RnB Hip Hop as well as traditional Pop influence.


password = morz@pluginaudio

Rating: 0.0/0


pword = morz@magesy

Rating: 5.0/1

Zero-G Pure Brazilian Beats MULTI ISO | 1.1 GB

PURE BRAZILIAN BEATS: Zero-G bring you the unmistakable flavour of Latin American drums in the 21st Century - the feel, the groove, the life. Performed & recorded in Brazil by in-demand session musician Duda Moura, Pure Brazilian Beats is an incredible collection of completely authentic Brazilian drum rhythms with an infectious feel, suitable for anyone with a desire to add rhythmic life to their productions.



Rating: 5.0/1

This world-class library features the dynamic and much admired sounds of the UK's most respected horn section - The Phantom Horns (including John Thirkell and Gary Barnacle). "Phantom Horns is great value for money - the sheer number and variety of usable riffs and phrases must be applauded." (SOUND ON SOUND, UK). "There have been a few attempts at producing the ultimate brass sample CD, but none with the unique appeal of Phantom Horns.. a clever and well executed package that should cure a lot of headaches in a lot of studios" (THE MIX, UK).
The line-up consists of Trumpet, flute, flugelhorn and trombone, as well as Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxes. The riffs are all performed by various combinations of these instruments and this comprehensive sample library provides an in-depth study of the range and versatility of the contemporary brass section.




password = pluginaudio

Rating: 5.0/2

Apple Loops / Wav / Acid / Aiff / RMX / Rex2 / NN-XT / Kontakt 2 / exs24



* 35 Full Construction Kits

* Bass & Guitar Loops Matched Pairs

* Eighties Machine Drumloops

* Piano Loops

* Electric Piano Loops

* Vocal Chants

* Percussion Loops

The Zero-G Classic Disco library gives you Disco & Funk Sounds from the 70s and 80s.
Zero-G Classic Disco contains 35 construction kits in disco underground, funkґnґsoul,
proto house, hi-nrg and funky disco styles from 107 to 125 bpm, plus tons of additional
piano, electric piano, guitar, bass, drum & percussion loops and all in pristine 24bit audio.

Welcome to the most creative decade of dance music 1977-1987, when disco went
underground and became black dance music - the foundation for house and R'n'B.
For the first time ever youґll be able to get hold of the tracks as if someone gave you
multi-track tapes from late 70ґs and early 80ґs disco underground dance tunes.

The seductive and often-sampled sound of Salsoul Orchestra, SOS band,
Evelyn Champagne King, D-Train, Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones, George Duke,
Rockerґs Revenge that have been shaped into giant construction kits
(some of which are 16 bars long!) will keep you busy for months - each construction
kit is divided into individual instrument loops, down to every drumloop part! Weґve even
included some fantastic disco funky vocal "whispering shouts" so often used in Chic,
Odyssey or Instant Funk chartbusters. So get down and experience the ultimate in retro dance!


password = morz@magesy
password = morz@magesy

Rating: 0.0/0

Ecstatic Grooves is a mind blowing collection of sample accurate drum and percussion loops, hand crafted drums and fx, all sculpted from the ground up to satisfy the needs of the most demanding DJs and dance producers and ready to drop into your tracks with the minimum of trouble and the maximum of impact.Styles include Hard Dance, Trance, Techno, Progressive, House, Tribal and Dance. Each beat has been broken down into its constituent parts so you can mix and match to your heart's content giving you endless possibilities for new grooves.

Download here

password = morz@pluginaudio

Rating: 0.0/0

Beats Working (WAV, ACID):
ZERO-G, in association with Schtum Ltd, are proud to bring you BEATS WORKING, the highly acclaimed drum groove library recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studio 2 in London.
Beats Working offers an indispensable toolbox of immaculately recorded, highly usable drum performances, with Intro, Verse, Bridge, Chorus, Drop and Fills of every performance, covering a diverse selection of musical styles from classic pop to big band. In addition, multiple kicks, snares (both modern and vintage), toms, cymbals and hats were recorded at multiple velocities, giving you the ultimate flexibility to design your own kit. Recorded by top recording and mix engineer Haydn Bendall (28 years experience at Abbey Road and a first-choice engineer of many megastars), and performed by top session drummer Ralph Salmins, the sound and performances are impeccable. Utilising high-end esoteric microphone pre-amps, and a direct signal path to a Euphonics R1, it is hard to imagine a purer, cleaner signal path. Abbey Road Studio 2 is the studio made famous by the Beatles, and it hasn't changed a bit from the 60s - a beautiful sounding room with a very smooth natural decay, and one of the very finest recording rooms in the world. Now you have the power to recreate this very environment for your drum tracks. Abbey Road Studio 2 comes alive in your own studio, allowing you unlimited access to a piece of music history!
Read on, to see why reviewers and famous users all agree that Beats Working is a fantastic addition to any studio's creative tools...

Rating: 5.0/1

These intense metal drum loops were recorded live at our newly constructed studio deep in the rain forests of British Columbia. We used a brand new Premiere APK Cabria Drum Kit with Sabian and Zildjian cymbals and a Pearl double kick pedal. Our unfinished live room gave us a sparkling ambience that really adds to the powerful energy of our resident metal drummer who gave the new Remo drum heads some serious punishment. The kick drum gives you the right amount of "click" to cut through heavy guitar riffs and the snare drum is crisp and punchy.
This loop pack offers a wealth of modern metal grooves, double pedal licks and thunderous fills which should add some real aggression and power to your metal or rock productions. Tempos range from 90 bpm to 175 bpm.

Rating: 5.0/1

With GigaHarp, every string of a Salvi Pedal Harp has been sampled in stereo with eight separate"dimensions" for each string. There are four attacks or velocities (soft, medium-soft, medium, loud plucks) per string, two harmonics per string, hand-dampening and muffling. Each pluck has been sampled in 24-bits using Neumann KM-84 microphones, on-board RMC pickups and Neve 1263 &1272 mic preamps. Each string was plucked and sampled for the entire life of its natural decay. You can even hear the soundboard. Some strings naturally sustain for over a minute - no looping or processing necessary. Bi-level harmonics are accessed and controlled by the mod wheel.




Part 1
Part 2


Part 1
Part 2

Rating: 5.0/1

This professional quality CD contains 8.000 different HQ one-shot drum samples grouped in 46 thematic folders and subfolders :
BASS DRUMS (2400) - SNARES (2600) [SNARES-2436/BRUSHES-8/RIMS-126/ROLLS-30 ] - TOMS (413) - CYMBALS (1219) [HH-1008 / SPLASH-13 / CRASH-75 / RIDE-116 / CHINESE-7] - TAMBOURINES (170) - WOODBLOCKS (14) - TRIANGLES (54) - CLAVES (55) - MARACAS (14) - CABASA'S (26) - SHAKERS (63) - CASTANETS (9) - GUIROS (23) - VIBRASLAPS (12) - COWBELLS (38) - TAIKOS (17) - TIMPANI (34) - TIMBALES (21) - BONGOS (116) - CONGAS (153) - CUICAS (7) - KALIMBAS (15) - BAMBOOS (10) - STEEL DRUMS (89) - STICKS (7) - AGOGO BELLS (61) - SLEIGHBELLS (8) - TIBETANBELLS (7) - GONGS (16) - CHIMES (5) - CLAPS (246) - FINGERS (10) - WHISTLES (9) - REVERSES (59)

All 8.000 samples were recorded at 96000 hz/24 bits , processed and then dithered down to 44100hz/16 bits . All are normalized . No pops , no clicks , no hiss , no distorsion ,no background noises , no clipping at the end ! No chopped sounds but also not unuseful spaces before or after the samples ! All samples are perfect !
NO BIG AND UNUSEFUL LOOPS !!!! You know , can producing 500.000 loops or more with those samples , to have many Gb-s and many cd's !!! But NO ! I want to give you a honest cd , a very useful tool for your compositions ! Here you 'll find all the drums , acoustic or electronic , analog or digital ,natural or synthetic , ALL ! Suitable for any genre of music ! Forget your searches , don't loose your time , now you have them all in one place !
part1 part2 part3 part4

Pass: scizzorhandz

Rating: 0.0/0

Great Quality Hip Hop Dance Drums For Use In New Sounding Drums Categories Separated

* Kicks
* Claps
* Snares
* Toms
* Hi Hats
* Cymbals
* Percussion


Rating: 0.0/0

Continuing our promise to bring you tha latest in blazin' hiphop drumz comes "Neptunian Drumz"! In the style of Neptunes, Just Blaze, and the KeeMaster, each Neptunian soundset is packed with 72 stompin' ambient kicks, 60 "snap-clap" layered style snares, and 60 diverse percussion soundz - all with today'z hiphop phlavor.
Each of the 6 multi-format presets for each set contains 12 kicks, 10 snares, and 10 percussion samples resulting in over 190 samples per set! Purchase the whole Neptunian Drumz collection (Sets 1, 2, & 3) and own all 216 kicks, 180 snares, and 180 percussion soundz & watch you beatz blow up!


Rating: 0.0/0

Lukecage returns with Westside Underground, a fine collection ofprogressive urban sounds, and the incredible sequel to our UndergroundSoundlab collection (2002). Using the traditional packet-basedconstruction kit approach, lukecage scores perfect 10's on WestsideUnderground for concept, composition, sound design, and libraryassembly. Composer Henry Willis drives the ultra-sophisticated lukecagesound: classic '60s and '70s funk and R&B influences, expertly woven into a seamless mesh ofprogressive urban sample culture ideas. The Westside Undergroundcollection is a flawless, genius-level construction kit with perfecthistorical references, superb progressive hip-hop integration, killerediting savvy, and a consistent sound quality that will allow you torender cohesive mixes in minutes, in ACID� software, and a host ofother music creation and editing platforms.


PASS: apadanagroup

Rating: 0.0/0

Atmos, Uplifter, Downlifter, Hits & Explode, FX Loops, Noizes, Short Fills & Reverse, Tonal FX, VFX Lazers.

Rating: 0.0/0


Violin Ensemble (6 Musicians)
Viola Ensemble (4 Musicians)
Violoncello Ensemble (3 Musicians)
Double bass Ensemble (2 Musicians)

The small string ensembles of the Chamber Strings I Collection present themselves as a full instrumental body rich in nuances. Tender or expressive, quiet or dynamic, light as a feather or energetic – with the help of our new performance algorithms the ensembles’ liveliness magically unfolds when you play. The Chamber Strings I exude their flair for intimate arrangements in chamber music compositions or in divided string groups. Large string ensembles combined with the Chamber Strings I are enhanced by additional nuances and a wealth of variations.


http: //

---------- ---------------------------------------------------

---------- ---------------------------------------------------

----------- --------------------------------------------------

Rating: 0.0/0

Speakerphone Sample Collection

AudioEase Speakerphone Sample Collection | 4.5 GB

4,5 gigabyte of ambiences and sound FX A bad GSM connection on a busy sidewalk, a bullhorn with feedback and a helicopter overhead, or a 1952 rockabilly guitar amp in a recording studio live room: The Speakerphone audio plug-in gives you authentic speakers of any size together with their natural environments.

All the walkie-talkies, distant transistor radios, upstairs TV sets, bullhorns, cell phones and guitar cabinets you’ll ever need. Speakerphone (Mac , Windows, iLok or challenge response) will add dial tones, operators and static, and you can select from a wealth of ambiences on either the caller or receiver’s end.

Pass: pass4all

Rating: 0.0/0

This grooves have that unique "laid-back" quality that sets them apart from any other slow loop. Dark Trip Hop is not to be mistaken with anything else: on the production side, each of the kits is instantly identifiable by its fat sound. Inject a loop, and you current mix will feel a lot heavier. Check out and discover all about the true grooves of this new and exciting musical style. No sweat, this Soundscan oozes with attitude!

P.S. i really like this little library.

Rating: 0.0/0

HipHop Tools
SECRET STASH is a serious utility for Hip Hop & R&B production. It will lift your music into a new dimension and add some spice to your compositions.

Secret Stash is a wicked sound library with over 450 single drum hits, FX and instruments. As with all sample libraries in version 2.1 this concept includes a solid foundation of drum hits. Kold snares, deep kicks, tight hi hats and smooth percussion make this library a valuable choice. Massive strings, killar keys, wicked winds and vinyl fx shine in true HHT style and are sure to be a samplers delight.

( DoWNLoAD )

( MiRROR )

Rating: 0.0/0

HipHop Tools
URBAN WARFARE, "Hard N Heavy Stylez" is a complete solution for those producers who are looking for a raw, pumping, teeth shattering sound library. It is an entire hard n' heavy concept meant to shake the foundations of Hip Hop. This totally urban soundscape is jammed with over 700 hardcore drum hits, instruments and FX that are sure to light your samplers on fire.

URBAN WARFARE comes complete with skull-break in' kicks, gritty snares and slick hi-hats. All the drums on this concept were edited and tweaked to give them a ruff and heavy flavor. Also we've included conga's, claps, tambourine's, synchs, sub-bass, electro percussion and shakers. From hard hittin' horns, chillin rhodes, nasty piano, and deepest sax to raw strings, ruff bass and dirty electric guitar, HHT delivers. To cap it all off we also included authentic scratching, street fx and vocal stabs.

( DoWNLoAD )

Rating: 0.0/0

HipHop Tools
MAD FX, "Underground Experiments" is a concept that lends itself to creativity and experimentation. With the exception of the percussion on the CD it is a complete experimental concept that will break new ground and take your Hip Hop production to another level. It is a perfect solution for distinguishing your signature sound from other urban producers.

MAD FX comes complete with over 700 individual drum hits, instruments and FX that are sure to make others take notice of your unique sounds. As is customary with other concepts from HHT you will find a solid foundation of custom drum sounds and acoustic percussion that are unique and exclusive. All the kicks, snares, rims and hi-hats on this concept are hot. From ill organs to rare vinyl wax this CD offers the most in inspiration and flexibility to keep your urban production fresh and hype. Also included in MAD FX are tabla, electric percussion, harpsichord, synths, ethnic strings, beat vox percussion and vocal stabs.

MAD FX gives you so much scope for experimentation that you?re likely to find yourselves conjuring up a masterpiece before you know it. All in all this concept is simply MAD.

HHT Drum Map: Our HHT drum map offers maximum flexibility for AKAI MPC users. All samples are mapped out using this template making kit swapping and beat programming effortless. This makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

Rating: 0.0/0

Sound Effects provides you with 6,000 sound effects.
The sound effects have been placed in order into 9 categories:
· Animals
· Cartoon Sounds
· Explosions and guns
· Household
· Machines
· Nature
· People
· Windows computer events and system sound effects
· Miscellaneous

Rating: 0.0/0

Along with selected sounds from Korg's T1, Kawai K4 and Ensoniq's VFX SD, this library features 'dry as a bone' Synth basses and typical PPG sounds from the microwave. Some natural sounds are included from the EMU Proteus XR.

In the vintage section there are sounds from the legendary Prophet VS and Oberheim Xpander, as well as the classic ROLAND CR78 (In the air tonight) with loops and single samples. 649 Samples in total, in Flac-format

Files compressed with flac

Rating: 0.0/0

2,62 GB

The virus contains more than 1250 patches of legendary synthesizer.This virtual sound module is ideal for music styles such as: Electro, trance styles, DnB, House, Electro House, Minimal, Techno, RnB, Hip Hop, Jump, hardcore, breakbeat and more!!!

SONART AUDIO - 'VIRUS' includes 7 categories of sounds:


Features in Detail:

* Massive 8 gig 24-bit core wav library
* 1256 new patches
* 6 different formats (EXS24, Kontakt 2.1, Kontakt, Halion, SF2 and Wav)
* All NEW Sounds developed by Sonart sound designers.
* Hundreds of brand new Sounds.
* Fully programmable
* Sounds legendary synthesizer Virus

Rating: 5.0/1

734 MB

Sonart Audio 'TRUMPET' - Featuring over 5,150 24bit samples & 144
Patches! More than 3.3 Gb of New Trumpet Sounds!


- Trumpet Cup Mute - Fall
- Trumpet Cup Mute - Flutter
- Trumpet Cup Mute - Lasy
- Trumpet Cup Mute - Legato
- Trumpet Cup Mute - Staccato
- Trumpet Cup Mute - Trill
- Trumpet Cup Mute - Up
- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Fall
- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Flutter
- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Legato
- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Staccato
- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Trill
- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Up
- Trumpet Straight Mute - Legato
- Trumpet Straight Mute - Shakes
- Trumpet Straight Mute - Swel
- Trumpet Straight Mute - Vibrato
- Trumpet Open - Fall
- Trumpet Open - Flutter
- Trumpet Open - Legato
- Trumpet Open - Punch
- Trumpet Open - Staccato
- Trumpet Open - Trill
- Trumpet Open - Up

Rating: 0.0/0

278 MB

This Rhodes Electric Stage Piano MK II was sampled with every note in
20 velocities for 40 seconds plus a piano release and noise layers
using top of the line microphones and preamps recorded in 44.1 kHz/24 bit.

Contains programs for Kontakt 1 & 2.1, EXS24, Giga 2, Giga 3 and HALion.

Rating: 0.0/0

Guitar Pro 5.2 + RSE + Over 120.000 Tabs
RS | 450 MB

Included :

guitar pro 5.2
RSE guitar
RSE bass
RSE drums
over 120.000 tabs

Rating: 0.0/0

Sonart Audio Bosendorfer 290 DVD MULTiFORMAT | 642 MB

This prestigious piano was sampled in a perfect acoustically tuned
environment with every note in 20 velocities for 40 seconds plus a
piano release and noise layers using top of the line microphones and
preamps recorded in 44.1 kHz/24 bit.

Contains programs for Kontakt 1 & 2.1, EXS24, Giga 2, Giga 3 and HALion.

Rating: 0.0/0

Sonart.Audio.Girls.Construction.Kit.MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS | 197 MB

Sonart Audio 'GIRLS' - NEW CONSTRUCTION KIT - Featuring over 80 24bit
samples & loops (BASS loops, Synth Loops, Drum Loops, FX!). More than
269 Mb of New Electro House Material!

Construction Kit. Loop Library:

* 269 Mb 24-bit Electro House Sample library
* 80 new Electro House Loops & single hit sounds (BASS, Synths, Drums, Fx!)
* 3 Format for your convenience (REX2, APPLE LOOPS, WAV)
* 128 bpm
* All NEW Sounds developed by Sonart sound designers.
* Bass & Synthesizers MIDI

Rating: 0.0/0

Purple Kit is a 24-bit 500MB, multisampled acoustic drum kit for Ableton Live Drum Racks.
Purple Kit was hand-built to specifications designed by Puremagnetik emphasizing funk
and hip hop drum sounds. Using the finest quality Keller® Maple drum shells, Purple Kit was
constructed to be a unique drumset unlike any other currently available. Puremagnetik has
meticulously captured Purple Kit in a multi-mic and multi-stick format.
About the Drums

18" 2-ply Maple Kick Drum - Built and sampled for the tight punch that small kick drums
and floor toms deliver across many genres of music. Both hard (plastic) and soft (felt)
beater modes multisampled and programmed. Dampened and undampened variations
are also included.

14" x 8" Snare Drum - This large snare drum is characterized by a deep, cavernous sound.
Both rim and skin multisamples are included with brush, stick and "bundle" (rod) variations.

10" x 6" Snare Drum - The small 10" snare drum has a bright "poppy" timbre. Both rim and
skin multisamples are included with brush, stick and "bundle" (rod) variations

Cymbals include Zildjian K ride, Zildjian "Quick Beat" Hi-Hats and a Paiste 16" crash cymbal.

rapidshare part1
rapidshare part2
rapidshare part3
rapidshare part4

Rating: 0.0/0

This KORE SOUNDPACK provides 200 brand-new and production-ready MASSIVE sounds for use with KORE 2, KORE PLAYER or the full version of MASSIVE.
This powerful new material covers a wide variety of styles and moods, including many analog and digital basses, a selection of old-school brass sounds, synthetic choirs and versatile drum sounds never before heard from MASSIVE. Also included are inspiring keyboards, many analog and digital lead sounds, exclusive mallets and plucked sounds, plus several stunning pads – from vintage analog to unheard of digital. Using these sounds in KORE or KORE PLAYER also gives you access to 1,600 morphable sound variations. The sounds in this KORE SOUNDPACK can be used with the MASSIVE full version and are not contained in the MASSIVE factory library.


Number of KoreSounds: 200 (+ 1600 sound variations)
Sound Categories: 45 basses, 40 leads, 40 pads and choirs, 25 keys,
mallets and plucked sounds, 20 chords and brass sounds, 20 percussive
synth sounds, 5 drum sounds, 5 sfx and soundscapes
KORE 2 integrated engines utilized: MASSIVE
Download size (Mac / PC): Approx. 5 MB
System requirements: KORE 2 or KORE PLAYER or MASSIVE
Additional info: These KoreSounds are exclusive to MASSIVE EXPANSIONS
VOL.1 and cannot be found in the MASSIVE or KORE 2 factory libraries.

Rating: 5.0/1

PMI Piano Magic Bundle - finest realistic piano samples, church organs and harpsichords for Gigasampler, Kontakt, EXS24 and other samplers.

Consists of:
- The OLD LADY an incredible Model 1923 Steinway D;
- PMI EMPEROR a Model 290SE Imperial Grand Bosendorfer;
- PMI GRANDIOSO BOSENDORFER 290 (full version);
- PMI GRANDIOSO STEINWAY D (classic version);
- PMI PIANO SUITE: Orchestral Instruments, Steinway D, Prepared Piano (full version);
- PMI HISTORIC KEYBOARDS: Fortepiano, French & Flemish Harpsichords and Virginal

Unique features of PMI piano libraries:
- Sympathetic resonance; the singing of the non-struck resonating strings(+) - Sostenuto and softpedal; (+) - IR-based ambience and stereo imaging; - IR-based body resonance; - Seemingly unlimited dynamic range and responsiveness; - 24bit samples for pristine audio quality; - Total freedom of tuning; - Surround Sound Mixing + Kontakt 2 Scripts

This library brings you an incredible Bцsendorfer 290 SE as the most realistic sample library available today. The piano has a huge dynamic range, with very subtle pianissimo and thunderous fortissimi. 12 recorded velocity layers, with 12 separate sustain pedal down layers and release triggered samples. OLD LADY: This library brings you an amazing Model 1923 Steinway D grand piano. Sampled with 10 recorded velocity layers with 10 separate sustain pedal down layers and release triggered samples.
The recorded pianos for OLD LADY and EMPEROR were equipped with an advanced computer operated playback mechanism that was designed by mathematician, scientist and inventor Wayne Stahnke. The mechanism actually operates the piano keys and pedals with over 1.000 steps accuracy for inverse hammer velocity. The Stancke computer system enabled Amsterdam based sample library producer Michiel Post to capture each velocity layer for this library with absolute velocity levels. These levels guarantee a totally even response across the whole keyboard for all velocities. The programming of this piano is designed to take full advantage of the possibilities of the new GigaStudio 3 software. This results in more programmed velocity layers. The Emperor has 24 recordings for each key. These recordings were further divided in 64 velocity groups, each a slight variation of the underlying velocity layer sample. These libraries use a new programming to create the sustain pedal effect. Traditionally, conventional piano libraries use the sustain pedal as an ON-OFF switch, which has to be pressed before a note is played. These libraries lacked the possibility to re-pedal as in a real concert grand piano. Now this barrier has been broken. The PMI EMPEROR & OLD LADY libraries allow the user to press the sustain pedal at any time while playing notes or chords to start the sympathic resonance of the non-struck strings. There is a choice of convolution using the impulse response of the body resonance of the actual piano and a programming technique that adds the recorded resonance as an extra layer. GigaPulse (the convolution engine in GigaStudio 3) is also used for recreation of the original acoustics of the piano hall where the pianos were recorded. * Special features for GigaStudio 3 and Kontakt 2: Body resonance for reproduction of the true body resonance upon sustain pedal use, Hall resonance, true re-pedalling, sustain pedal triggered pedal noise etc.

Bosendorfer 290
This Bosendorfer library provides the greatest possible control during the softest pianissimo, through crescendos to the reserves of power needed for the loudest fortissimo. By utilizing new technology to optimise the mechanical performance of the action, Post Musical Instruments has created a product which leaves the pianist in total control of dynamic response, timbre and touch. PMI has finally captured a grand piano with "breath". They recorded both dry samples and ambient samples. The dry samples are recorded fairly close to the piano strings. The wet samples are recorded at a distance so that the hall acoustic is captured. You can experience a concert hall type of sound and control the amount of ambience until you play it absolutely dry.
Several Gigabytes of samples, up to 16 recorded layers of velocity, separate sustain pedal up and down samples, multiple release samples... separate "dry" and "wet" samples that can be mixed for ultimate ambience control. 24 bit samples, real-time sustain pedal, increased dynamics, smoother velocity response and GigaPulse body resonance make this library your ultimate sampled piano! PLEASE NOTE: You will need at least 1 GB of free RAM when playing the GRANDIOSO libraries from a RAM-based soft-sampler platform. When operating the samples on a disk streaming sampler (Giga, Kontakt with DFD, EXS24 with Virtual memory on and HALION) you need 512 MB.

Steinway D
We recorded the best grand piano we could find. This particular instrument is in premium condition, a Steinway model D3 with serial number 393210 which was built in 1965. It was fully refurbished by Steinway Hamburg in 1999. This piano served the Rotterdam 'DOELEN' concert hall for several decades, where hundreds of famous musicians, from Claudio Arrau to the Rolling Stones, performed for live audiences and broadcast concerts. We captured up to 6 articulations (PPP, PP, P, MF, F, FF and FFF) for sustain pedal up, sustain pedal down and 4 articulations for the release triggered samples. We recorded the samples using the finest digital equipment available. Prism Sound, a 24-bit ProTools TDM Mix+ system and Waves processing was used. We have mapped up to 16 levels of velocity, true multiple velocity release layers, ultimate staccato, and sustained pedal-down samples with a carefully chosen amount of resonance. The library has 5 GB of samples. The end result was tested by several concert pianists, who helped us develop a sampled instrument which could meet their highest expectations. There is no doubt in our minds that this is the best sampled piano ever.

This Yamaha C7 library provides the greatest possible control during the softest pianissimo, through crescendos to the reserves of power needed for the loudest fortissimo. By utilizing new technology to optimise the mechanical performance of the action, Post Musical Instruments has created a product which leaves the pianist in total control of dynamic response, timbre and touch. PMI has captured the final pop grand piano. We recorded both dry samples and ambient samples. 8 GB of 24 bits samples, up to 16 recorded layers of velocity, separate sustain pedal up and down samples, multiple release samples... and best: dry and wet samples that can be mixed for absolute ambience control.

Estonia Concert Grand piano is a multi-velocity level chromatically sampled piano of the highest realism! The Grand Piano of ESTONIA has an unique SOUND which comes from the superior spruce timber that grows only in extremely cold areas. The large 9' instrument was sampled with multiple velocity layers and sustain pedal sampled individually. There is even a multiple velocity layer release layer for ultimate realism! The instrument was sampled with 4 layers of velocity (both pedal up and pedal down) also 4 layers of velocity were used to capture the release key action of this piano. The 15 instrument variations give the options of playing the piano with sustained notes only (!), no sustained notes, no release layer, special 'dark' settings etc….All white keys are sampled (55 for each layer). Back to top of page

This dynamic library features: Flemish Harpsichord, Frensh Harpsichord, a Virginal and a unique Fortepiano. The harpsichords have been sampled so that you can get both manuals separately and combined. You can even use a key switch to change the registration (from upper manual only, to lower manual to both at the same time) while playing. All instruments are captured with their release sounds, giving them an unbelievable realistic quality. The Sampled Fortepiano Making a beautiful instrument more available by Howland Auchincloss Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1732) invented the piano during the period 1680-1720, but its acceptance, especially in his native Italy, was very slow, and it is said that he was very disappointed. However, in Germany and Austria very active development took place, and by 1770 there was an instrument, now universally referred to as the "fortepiano," sometimes as the "Viennese fortepiano," which was enthusiastically accepted in the general area of Austria and southern Germany. By far the most important aspect of the subject today is that Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven wrote many compositions for the fortepiano, and some of these compositions were for their students and therefore vary greatly in technical difficulty. Almost surely, anybody who has taken piano lessons for a few years or more has worked on one of these works, but, almost always they were playing a modern piano, not a fortepiano. In the period 1770-1790 the steel frame had not yet been devised, and the metallurgy of string manufacture was different than in the mid-19th century. These factors combined to make string tension much reduced. In order to avoid excessive force on the string, the weight of the hammers was much less. The end result of these limitations and of the builders' adjustments to them was, somewhat surprisingly, that the action of most fortepianos was very light. The tone was clear and even penetrating, but the sustain was much less. To like the fortepiano today, even if one's pleasure is limited to listening to recordings, is to take a step backwards in time. After about 1800 the fortepiano was gradually replaced almost as completely as it had replaced the harpsichord. Essentially, although the term "fortepiano" was still sometimes used, the actual instrument came more and more to resemble the modern piano. By 1860 the American Steinway Piano is said to have had virtually all of the essential features of the modern piano. It is not a great exaggeration to say the the fortepiano disappeared in the same way that the harpsichord and the lute disappeared. Even more unfortunately, the revival of interest in "early music" at the turn of the 20th century did not include the fortepiano. Major credit for the return of the fortepiano to the concert stage and to recordings belongs to a relatively small group of scholars, performers, builders and restorers in Europe and in America dating from the 1970s. Malcolm Bilson, now at Cornell University, was the driving force in Norht America. However, the price of a new fortepiano reconstruction is high, the instrument requires frequent tuning, and the number of keys is considerably less than is the case for the modern piano. It is therefore not satisfactory as a general-purpose piano. As a result, it is still difficult for most pianists, amateur or professional, to gain personal experience with the very special qualities of this instrument which was so popular in Vienna more than 200years ago. With the present disk there are now two available sampled fortepianos, and we no longer can say that the acoustic instrument is indispensable to the ability of a pianist attempting to create the sound of a Haydn sonata on the fortepiano. Certainly, the acoustic instrument will be seen as essential for the concert hall. The Boldersounds Fortepiano ( has been available since 1999 and originated with a sampling session in 1997. The fortepiano used was the personal instrument of Malcolm Bilson, a noted teacher, scholar, performer who helped me arrange the sampling session. The sample editing was done by Dennis Burns of Boldersounds after some less than satisfactory efforts by me. The instrument was a copy of a fortepiano by Anton Walter, one of the best builders of the 18th century. The fortepiano used for the present disk is also a Walter piano, but in this case the instrument is a restored original. The sampling and editing were done in 2001, almost 4 years later. The later efforts benefit at a minimum from improved technology and also, probably, from the availability of a better instrument, but rather than look at the two disks as competitive with eachother, I would urge that they are complementary, because the fortepiano was not a standardized instrument. Together with the Post harpsichords and virginal they get the Gigasampler owner off to a good start with 18th century keyboard instruments. A frequent initial reaction to the sound of the fortepiano is that it is less beautiful than that of a fine modern concert grand piano. I believe that such a reaction will usually be changed if the player listens to good recordings. The clear sound and reatively short sustain of the fortepiano tends to favor the special elements of style in the music of Haydn and Mozart. The sound is different but not inferior. Another complaint often voiced is that a sampled piano is not (and probably cannot be) the sonic equal of the acoustic instrument as it was at the time of sampling. This is part of the general dictum that live music is better than recorded music. One answer to this complaint is that the sampled fortepiano is good enough to be an alternative to the modern piano, which is simply an "incorrect" instrument for playing music written long before it was available. Each player will make his or her judgment about what kind of "piano library" they want to have. Malcolm Bilson has told me that there are many fine pianos of both 18th and 19th centuries which deserve attention, and we can be optimistic that a library started now will grow in the years to come. There is one aspect of the fortepiano for which there is at present no simple way of copying at present. This is the very light action of the fortepiano previously mentioned, which facilitates extremely rapid playing. I have yet to find a digital keyboard which has an action comparable to a fortepiano. Therefore, if a friend was buying a MIDI controller, I would advise them to select one with a light action if their main enthusiasm was 18th century music.




Rating: 5.0/1


Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection K2 + Scarbee Vintage Keyboard FX v1.2.3 [5DVD] | ~ 20GB

Scarbee V.K.C K2 includes both a 16 bit version - a 24 bit version - suitable for Studio use. For Kontakt 2.11 we also included module graphics of all instruments with various controls directly available for the user. Scarbee VKC includes 11 sounds and sample sets of classic vintage keyboards from the 60s and 70s!


Kontakt 1.5.3/ 2.11
HALion 3.1
EXS24 mk II


Scarbee VKC includes 11 sounds and sample sets of classic vintage keyboards from the 60s and 70s!

Scarbee C.E.P. (Classic Electric Piano) is the sound of a hot-rodded wonderful electric piano from the 70s with expression and dynamics ranging from warm and mellow, to bright and ‘barking’, but can also produce a dulcet bell-like tone very suited to jazz, funk and R&B. E.E.P. (Edgy Electric Piano) has a dynamic and versatile sound and tends more towards an 'edgier' sound. Certainly, it can deliver a 'soft and sweet' tone, but its light action allows players to easily deliver a performance with more 'bite'.

Scarbee S.E.P. (Sticky Electric Piano) has a sound that sonically lies somewhere between the reedy bite of the E.E.P. and the purer bell tone of the C.E.P. The result is a vibraphone type tone with a very percussive envelope and almost no dynamic response due to it's "sticky hammers".

F.E.P.( Funky Electric Piano) has a big round 'twanging' bottom end and a top end which is wiry and tight. For many, this is as close as they will ever get to a sound which could compete with the cut of an electric guitar. In the the sharp tone and percussive playing style made it a first choice for many funk recordings where it complemented funk guitar rhythms like no other instrument. We sampled each of the 4 standard pickup settings: CA, CB, DA, DB - in both a standard version and a version with mutebar switched ON, resulting in 8 unique sounds! We also made it possible to switch Standard/Mute with Mod-Wheel.

With the F.E.P. and S.E.P., Scarbee introduces 'Horizontal Release Technology', whereby release samples are chosen from the wave pool depending on how long a key has been held - allowing a staccato played note to create a different release tone to a note which is sustained for a longer period. To achieve this, each key sampled on the F.E.P. has 24 release samples assigned to it alone.

The F.E.P. also makes use of advanced triggering options to allow the inclusion of the occasional 'off center' string strike, a well known characteristic of the original instrument. Sampled, mapped and programmed with great love and slavish attention to detail, V.K.C. 1.2 presents all of these classic electro mechanical instruments in their ultimate form.

A neat little feature for the "Vintage Purist": Play key A-1 and you will hear original noise from instument looped. With Noise knob you can adjust the level of the noise - take it completely away if you like a clean sound with zero hum and hiss!

scrarbee vst


Scarbee is proud to announce the release of our much anticipated Vintage Keyboard FX plugin - a virtual rack packed with outstanding models of a range of different vintage analogue effects processors.

Loaded into the VKFX are eight premium quality effects processors, including the essential electric piano preamp with stereo tremolo, a Compressor, Wah (Envelope Filter), Phase Shifter, Chorus Unit, Overdrive, Tape Delay, and a Valve Amp modelled on arguably the most popular device ever used to amplify electric keyboards (and the model includes the four spring reverb).

• Multiple mode switching allows module architecture to alternate from one popular version of a particular effects processor to another which has a completely different sonic character - at the touch of a button.

• Simultaneous editing of all processors is available via a friendly and intuitive interface presented in the form of a rack of independent modules.

• Module order can be rearranged by simply dragging and dropping modules to where they’re needed, giving users fast and total control over the effects chain.

• Easy A-B morphing between presets makes experimentation and creation of new sounds addictively effortless.

• Highly CPU efficient coding and module layout means that users can load the VKFX without the fear of watching a system’s processor overhead disappear, in the certain knowledge that processing quality is first class.

• All rates and times can be sync’d to VST host, internal clock or left independent for a more ‘analog’ approach. • All parameters are automatable. All parameters are assigned to midi controllers. • A flexible file management system allows one, several or all modules to be loaded and saved – enabling easy mixing and matching of module presets saved from different sessions.

• A generous licensing arrangement allows the licensed user to install and operate VKFX on up to three PCs simultaneously – greatly easing investment costs for users running multiple CPU systems.

• Mouse sensitive tool tips allow the user to get manual-style information by simply hovering the mouse over any area of interest.

• A comprehensive on-line manual in pdf format is only one mouse click away at all times.

VKFX is the perfect partner for any vintage keyboard instrument, and a tantalising environment in which to enjoy manipulating effects on other sound sources.


PC - minimum requirements:

• Pentium / Athlon 800 MHz • 256 MB RAM, 20 MB HD space • Windows XP Home and XP Professional • VST2 compatible Host • Display Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels

PC - Recommended:

• Pentium / Athlon 1.4 GHz or faster • Display Resolution 1152 x 864 pixels, dual monitor setup

Mac - minimum requirements:

• Power Mac G4 867 MHz • 256 MB RAM, 20 MB HD space • OS X Version 10.3.3 or higher • VST2 or AU compatible Host • Display Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels

Mac - Recommended:

• Power Mac G4 Dual 1.25 GHz or faster • Display Resolution 1152 x 864 pixels, dual monitor setup


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(Funky Electric Piano) has a big round 'twanging' bottom end and a top end which is wiry and tight. More...


Scarbee K.G.B. - K2 reviewed in Sound On Sound.

Dave Stewart gives it 5/5 stars!





Rating: 0.0/0

Voices of the Apocalypse sounds nothing like any other choir library you"ve ever heard, because the producer fearlessly went after the full spectrum of a Wagneresque choir. He chromatically sampled a 3 octave range of both men and women in a fabulous sounding hall. Everything from Angelic to downright evil!

Mens Choir -
Ah, oo, ee, oh, eh, ih, uh, mm, all chromatically sampled with a three octave range. Straight tone and heavy vibrato cross-faded with the mod wheel for extremely expressive performances. Release samples of the hall for every sample. Cross-fade patches between every vowel. Slow attack ambient patches as well as fast attack crisp patches. Cromatically sampled pitched consonants, and pitchless consonants. True word building capability. Effects.

Womens Choir -
Ah, oo, ee, oh, eh, ih, uh, mm, all chromatically sampled with a three octave range. Straight tone and heavy vibrato cross-faded with the mod wheel for extremely expressive performances. Release samples of the hall for every sample. Cross-fade patches between every vowel. Slow attack ambient patches as well as fast attack crisp patches. Cromatically sampled pitched consonants, and pitchless consonants. True word building capability. Effects.

Angels Choir -
A smaller group of women singing oo and oh straight tone and ah and oh vibrato. Beautiful.

Demons Choir -
8 monks singing oh straight tone and vowel shuffling demon tones cross-faded with the mod wheel. Stunning!



Rating: 5.0/1

Inspiration Sounds "Electro Grime" features some of the dirtiest Electro House Loops and Samples ever committed to a Sample Pack. If you produce Dirty Electro House, or Minimal House, then Electro Grime is guaranteed to blow you away!

Electro Grime is the latest Sample Pack from Inspiration Sounds. If you are looking for totally fresh and current electro synths, ball-crunching electro basslines, downright dirty electro drums and "out of this world" synthesizer fx, then look no further. Electro Grime was created exclusively using some of the finest analogue synthesizers and analogue drum machines ever created. All loops are at 128BPM and our producers have worked extremely hard to provide you the most refreshing and inspirational content possible.

Electro Grime Contents: Loops

* Drum Loops (Tops)
* Drum Loops (Bottoms)
* Bass Loops
* Synth & FX Loops
* Musical Loops

Electro Grime Contents: Hits (One-Shots)

* Synth & FX Samples
* Bass Samples
* Drum & Percussion Samples
* Kick Drum Samples
* Snare Samples

Electro Grime: Formats

* ACIDized Wav (key, number of beats and loop/one-shot attributes are included)
* Apple Loops (key, number of beats, genre, tempo and loop/one-shot attributes are included)
* REX2 (Sensitivity slider has been adjusted carefully on each loop to pick out all relevant notes/beats)
* WAV (ideal for all applications and hardware synth samplers)

Electro Grime: Production Quality

All of the content was mastered in the Inspiration Sounds" Pro Tools HD TDM studio using the world"s leading audio production gear. All data has been passed through our 7-stage quality control system to ensure that all content is fully tested and works perfectly in all applications.

Rating: 5.0/1

EJay Sound Collection expands your creative options with the huge archive of sounds and loops. From house and garage, to drum and bass, to cutting edge global sounds, this Sound Collection will add an original touch to your work. In typical eJay style, the collection comes complete with an intuitive tool to help you listen and select your favorite samples. The eJay Sound Browser will help you search for that particular sound, by style, BPM, tempo and instrument. Once you've selected your samples, use the RealStretch Timestretcher to convert it to your preferred tempo. This second volume offers 7500 absolutely new samples for your own hit production and offers a special for R&B, Dub, Reggae, Ethnic & House Vocals. Sound collection volume 2 is compatible with all music programs and international top producers have created all samples.

eJay Sound Collection:
Electro Punk
Hard Trance
Tech House

Hard Trance
Tech House
Electro Punk

eJay Bonus:
Drum Loops
Ethnicity Inis Master
Fanky Xtreams

eJay Sound Selection 1 2 3 4
eJay Sound Collection
eJay Bonus

eJay Sound Selection 1 2 3 4
eJay Sound Collection
eJay Bonus

Rapid Share Links


Rating: 0.0/0

Format: Apple Loops/REX/WAV/RMX/Acid | 1.69 GB of 24-bit WAV files

Equal parts mind-bending trance and body-popping electro, Rush 2: Progressive House has the filters set to maximum, and will sweep you off your feet and onto the dance floor. It has the raw synth buzzes and twirps of the 1980s, with a driving rhythm that the decade could only dream about. There's plenty of material and extras in WAV, REX, Apple Loops, and RMX format, including a ton of bonus drum loops synths, pads, arpeggios and full drum kits. So get your robot funk installed, download Rush 2: Progressive House into your spare braincells, and you'll jerk and pop your body into a mind-altered state.
993 WAV loops and hits

Each of the 15 construction kits contains a main demo mix plus every element broken out as well as additional folders of drum hits and "drum trax" from each kit."Drum Trax" give you access to the individual parts of the drum mix. Now you have full access to remix,recreate or mix and match different parts of the drums. Take a the snare loop from one kit and match it with the drums and hi-hat from another kit.

Also Included are several folders containing hundreds of additional drum loops, drum hits, synth loops,and SFX.

This product is compatible with...
Adobe Audition
Akai MPC4000
Digital Performer
FL Studio



3 GB

Rating: 0.0/0

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