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Mixcraft is a great multi-track audio recorder that enables you to record your band, create a podcast, create mash-ups or remix a song. Mixcraft functions as two programs in one! Use it as a multi-track recorder or as a music loop remix program. As a multi-track audio recording program, Mixcraft allows you to record and play multiple tracks at one time. Add effect processing such as reverb, delay, flanger or any 3rd party VST or DirectX™ effects. Mix down your recording to CD or MP3 directly in Mixcraft. No need to dust off your old four track recorder! As remix software, it supports Apple Loops, Acid Loops and our own custom loop format

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Band-in-a-Box is so easy to use! Just type in the chords to any song (like C or Fm7b5), pick a musical style from the hundreds available, and click the [Play] button. Band-in-a-Box then automatically generates a full backing arrangement of piano, bass, drums, guitar, and strings.

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Mackie Tracktion

If you like sifting through endless menus and windows to make music, Tracktion 3 is not for you. Based on a simple, single-screen interface, Tracktion is the fast, powerful, complete solution for turning your ideas into finished songs. And unlike the competition, Tracktion 3 comes with all the power and plug-ins you’ll ever need. So if you want to keep your music flowing–not locked in menus or limitations—you’ve come to the right place.

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There is simply no faster way to get printed music into your computer. Band arrangements, operas, hymns, musicals, orchestral parts and scores appear on-screen in editable and playable form within seconds after scanning. With more accuracy on more symbols than any other scanning software, SmartScore 3 allows you to manipulate your music in endless ways.

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Creating professional accompaniment tracks in JAMMER is fast and easy. Just enter some chords on JAMMER's lead sheet, pick a musical style and then press the Compose button. JAMMER instantly creates and plays full professional arrangements of accompaniment in the style you have chosen.

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Orion is a complete virtual studio software, including a powerful pattern-based sequencer, many synthesizers and effects, a mixing desk with sub busses, and multitrack audio recording. Using the four-bus Mixer and Master Section, you can build advanced mixes in no-time, and the MultiFX control lets you create complex effect routing. High resolution post-production is made possible by the enhanced WAV exporter, which supports up to 32-bit / 192 kHz resolution and can render instruments or channels to multiple WAV files.

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Deluxe Mastering Suite is the can of worms every studio wants to open. Filled to the brim with a whopping 16 dynamic range mastering modules.Deluxe Mastering Suite delivers more punch than any single rack compressor. You get BoostMaster, DirtyDriver, DynamicAmp, DynamicCD,DynamicMax, DynamicVCD, DVDaudio, LevelPump, LoopMaster, MGvolumizer,MovieMaster, RMSdoctor, SafetyGain, SpeedCompress, SquareUniform and SquashMaster

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