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The heart of East Coast Hip Hop resides in one place: New York City. Straight Outta NYC is full of the life, the beats, the grooves, the melodies, and everything that is East Coast Hip Hop.

Check out the beats, horns, guitars, synths, basses, clavs, fx, vocals and more. Also included in each construction kit are all the drum hits broken out and a folder of drum tracks giving you the individual parts of the drums broken out for easy mixing, remixing or mixing and matching. All material comes in WAV, REX, Apple Loops and RMX format. Take the snare loop from one kit and match it with the kick from another or try any number of other combinations! It's time to check out the Hip Hop flavors of NYC!

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Rating: 4.7/3

The Big Fish Audio RADIO WAVES Radio Ready Sample CD - 3.64GB Of Content.

Big Fish Audio RADIO WAVES, a fine collection of radio-ready hip-hop construction kits. Ignite the airwaves with this unique collection of radio-ready construction kits, comprised of dozens of red hot vocal and instrumental hooks laid over beds of slammin' beats. Under the direction of producer Josquin des Pres, this collaborative effort involves various members of the Track Star Music Solutions writing team. Each construction kit is a hit in itself! Whether you're a DJ, producer, songwriter or artist, you can use them as is, or simply add your melody, lyric or rhyme and build your own hit music track. 50 Construction Kits are included with tempos ranging from 72 to 136 BPM in various keys. Each kit contains a main mix plus every element broken out plus folders of "Drum Tracks"."Drum Track" give you access to the individual parts of the drum mix. Now you have full access to remix, recreate, or mix and match between different parts of the drums. Take the snare loop from one kit and match it with the drums and hi-hat from another kit.

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password = morz@pluginaudio

Rating: 4.0/3

Rating: 5.0/1

After "Vengeance Effects Vol.1" Mutekki Media introduces "Vengeance Ultimate Bass", the next exciting sample collection for the ambitious producer. Entirely committed to bass, this CD contains all powerful bass waveforms known from the present production standard. This sampling CD covers all common genres like techno, trance, dance, club and hard style at the highest stage. Overall it can be selected from over 750 bass sounds. The spectrum holds all imaginable bass types such as sub- and offbeat, groan, analogue, pulse & distorted , which without exceptions can be played in all tone pitches because of their length of more than one second. This enables boundless freedom for the production of the user's track. Vengeance basses provide exactly the compression a track needs to ignite on the dancefloor.


Part 1Part 2

Rating: 5.0/1

The first Loopalicious RnB volume was only the beginning as this follow-up takes it to the next level. Once again, Anthony Myers has laid down another must-have collection of current RnB hits. These construction kits would feel right at home in an Usher, Donell Jones, or Avant video. If you need the popular sounds of real RnB ballads and hot RnB club mixes, Loopalicious RnB Volume 2 will get it done. With over 1.5 GB (681 MB WAV files) of guitar, piano, synth, organ, rhodes, strings, bass, drums, percussion, and more, these kits are simply begging to be arranged and laid under some vocals. Don't sleep on this smokin' sequel... get the right vibe, right here, with Loopalicious RnB Volume 2.


Part 1.rar Part 5.rar


Part 3.rar

Rating: 5.0/1

Format: Apple Loops/REX/WAV/RMX/Acid | 1.69 GB of 24-bit WAV files

Equal parts mind-bending trance and body-popping electro, Rush 2: Progressive House has the filters set to maximum, and will sweep you off your feet and onto the dance floor. It has the raw synth buzzes and twirps of the 1980s, with a driving rhythm that the decade could only dream about. There's plenty of material and extras in WAV, REX, Apple Loops, and RMX format, including a ton of bonus drum loops synths, pads, arpeggios and full drum kits. So get your robot funk installed, download Rush 2: Progressive House into your spare braincells, and you'll jerk and pop your body into a mind-altered state.
993 WAV loops and hits

Each of the 15 construction kits contains a main demo mix plus every element broken out as well as additional folders of drum hits and "drum trax" from each kit."Drum Trax" give you access to the individual parts of the drum mix. Now you have full access to remix,recreate or mix and match different parts of the drums. Take a the snare loop from one kit and match it with the drums and hi-hat from another kit.

Also Included are several folders containing hundreds of additional drum loops, drum hits, synth loops,and SFX.

This product is compatible with...
Adobe Audition
Akai MPC4000
Digital Performer
FL Studio



3 GB

Rating: 0.0/0

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